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Accounting Services

W.J. Gordon & Associates offers an array of accounting and bookkeeping services. Our Cleveland firm guides clients through the proper accounting processes to allow for focus on the core business and to maintain a competitive advantage. We provide many flexible options tailored to the business needs while staying within a budget plan.

Small Business Accounting


Many small businesses find themselves lost in all the accounting paperwork and fail to take advantage of the financial statements as a management tool. We understand that things are constantly changing and clients need to be vigilant to recognize changes in order to adapt. Our Cleveland firm provides customized packages where the common goal is to maximize the owner's knowledge and time. As your financial advocate, we focus on ways to capitalize on tax savings, use the most effective technologies, and maintain an impeccable reputation.

Monthly and Quarterly Reconciliations


Financial reconciliations consist of reconciling various important accounts such as bank accounts, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Knowing where the money is spent and when it is expected to be collected is very important in operating a business. Without this knowledge, cash flow problems and other issues may occur. Our clients mitigate this negative experience by working with our Cleveland firm.

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

Whether you are a start-up business, have been operating for many years, or somewhere in between, it is always necessary to have financial statements that are timely, reliable and accurate. We assist clients in understanding the financial statements so they can identify their financial position, profitability, trends, concerns, and opportunities. Interim financial statements are essential tools for any business owner to adequately manage the business.

Accounting Procedures and Internal Controls


Every business, whether big or small, requires processes and procedures. W.J. Gordon & Associates understands the limitations that small businesses face in developing a system of successful checks and balances. We have developed File Cabinet Accounting to assist in overcoming these obstacles. Our firm creates the procedure manual with the input of the owner and staff. We train all accounting/bookkeeping staff and frequently monitor and review the processes with the business.

Audit Preparation and Process Improvements


Fears of an audit from the federal or state level can be alleviated by following W.J. Gordon & Associates File Cabinet Accounting. As a previous IRS audit division manager, William Gordon has developed this program to help clients avoid audits. Our Cleveland firm solidifies a system that improves the work flow, accuracy, and timeliness of data processing while working within budgetary limits.

Controller Assistance and Support


A controller or bookkeeper has the key to the success of the business. Their knowledge and understanding of cash flow is the key to the owner's perspective of their business. Our Cleveland firm assists controllers/bookkeepers in communicating this vast knowledge to their owners. Through financial statements, budgets, and various types of reports, the owner has a competitive advantage within the industry.

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping


Our Cleveland firm provides solutions in saving the owner and staff time from data entry and allows for an analytical perspective. Data entry only provides information from memory recall to make important business decisions. Instead, valuable decisions can be made from detailed and reliable information when outsourcing accounting services to W.J. Gordon & Associates. For less than what it costs you to do it yourself or hire someone, W.J. Gordon & Associates can manage all or part of your accounting functions. We offer comprehensive accounting and tax services for businesses.

QuickBooks Installation, Support and Review


W.J. Gordon & Associates have been certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors for nearly 10 years. We assist clients in setup, training and ongoing maintenance. QuickBooks is the number one solution for small businesses whose main focus is to have financial information at their fingertips that is reliable. The use of QuickBooks and our File Cabinet Accounting is a perfect combination for small businesses to meet their accounting requirements and needs within the business budget.

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